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Monday November 18, 2019 (day 322/2019)

6:00 PM: New Ham / Elmer meeting.
7:00 PM: General Social/Gathering.
7:30 PM: Business meeting and program.

Welcome to our newest RARS members
KN4ZYA Darrell Wilson KJ4GQW Garth Despain K4RJT Ron Tessitore
KX4WY Darryl Garrett KN4YYU Lyle Hannum K4CBW Brantley West III

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Current News and Events
Updated November 07, 2019 20:02:47
The RARS Yahoo Group is Shutting Down
The page at says:
Attention: Starting December 14, 2019 Yahoo Groups will no longer host user created content on its sites. New content can no longer be uploaded after October 28, 2019. .....

RARS will delete the Yahoo Group at the end of November.

All subscribers of the RARS Yahoo Group are invited to join the new RARS open group at Like the old Yahoo Group - this is an OPEN Group. Anyone can subscribe to the group - RARS member or not!

The RARS Yahoo Group was created in October 2001 to replace the original RARS Forum. It has served as an open forum to the Raleigh Ham Community for 19 years. Yahoo is now closing down all webpage portions of Yahoo groups and will only maintain the email functionality. This means than all features such as pictures, calendars, polls, and archives of messages/conversations will no longer be available.

RARS and Scouting
Amateur radio has been a part of Scouting since 1918. RARS is working to develop contacts within the local Scouting community to foster and promote education, technical awareness, and achievement in Amateur Radio. If you are interested in helping the local Scouting youth programs, visit our Scouting page...

Have you heard of the RARS Sixty-Four on Six-Four Award ?
RARS has sponsored this award for years but many newer hams are unaware of it.
Read about it <HERE> and get some new "wall-paper" for your shack.
Download the application/logsheet <HERE>

Build A Multi-Band Off-Center Fed Dipole For Your Attic
Article by Daniel Marks, KW4TI
This antenna is a 20 to 25 foot long (6.0 m to 7.6 m) off-center fed dipole antenna for the 20 m and 40 m bands designed for those who need to conceal an antenna. It is small enough to fit inside the attic of many homes. It can also be set up as  ......<more>

Your RARS Shirts can be ordered from Supreme T-Shirts and Apparel in Garner.
An order form is available on the RARS Members Only page.
Questions should be referred to Murray Merner, K4MHM.

YOU can promote RARS with these Brochures
RARS Members are encouraged to download the brochure and use it to promote RARS at hamfests and other events attended by those interested in Ham Radio.

Check out the new RARS Kudos page.
Dick Bitner Benevolent Fund

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