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The 2021 RARSfest has been CANCELLED
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Greetings and welcome to Spring, 2021!

Field Day! That wonderful time of food, fun, fellowship and playing with radios, antennas, tents, generators and mosquitoes. Forget that last part; NO MOSQUITOES are invited to Field Day.

And our watch-phrase for 2021 is FULL SPEED AHEAD!! We are planning for a FULL TRADITIONAL Field Day operation!

Several days ago, the president said that over 100 million Americans have received at least one vaccination shot against COVID-19. That's close to one-third of our under 330 million people. And the vaccination rate is accelerating, so there is every reason to believe that by the end of June, pretty much everyone who wants to be vaccinated will have achieved that status. Speaking for myself, I heartily encourage everyone to get fully vaccinated, ASAP! I got the shots just as soon as I could find a place to do it!

So FULL SPEED AHEAD!! The Carroll's have graciously agreed have their farm serve as the RARS Field Day site again.

Watch out for more announcements regarding Field Day soon!

Curt Philips W4CP
RARS Field Day Chairman

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