In memory of Dick Bitner, W8HYD, RARS President January 1, 2006 - February 19, 2007

Dick Bitner, W8HYD, became a Silent Key on February 19, 2007. He was the current President of the Raleigh Amateur Radio Society, RARS, and served as Vice President in the preceding term. Dick was certainly one of the spark plugs of RARS involved with RARSfest, teaching Amateur Radio License classes, Contesting, Public Service, and just about any Ham Radio activity he could find. He was an active member of Ten-Ten and QCWA. Dick also had an avid interest in working with youngsters to teach them about Amateur Radio. He had a lifelong love for CW and always worked the Annual ARRL Straight Key Night on New Year's eve.

Dick was an ambassador for Amateur Radio all his life. His Biography on QRZ tells of first being licensed when he was still a teen-ager in the mid 1950's as WN8HYD in Akron, Ohio. He remained active through school, military service, and business - at one time he was even a representative for one of the major antenna manufacturers.

Dick was one of those people who always saw the rainbow in a storm. He never had a negative comment and always praised the slightest accomplishments in others. He was a terrific asset not only to RARS but also to the entire Amateur Radio community. He will be missed, but he will be fondly remembered.
The Dick Bitner Benevolent Fund was created by Dick's family to support Ham Radio education for needy kids. Dick liked getting kids involved with amateur radio who would otherwise not have a good outlet for their energy and would never know about the advantages of being a HAM.

Your donations make it possible for RARS to continue supporting these goals in his name.

Donations to the Dick Bitner Benevolent Fund can be sent to RARS.
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