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RARS Nets – On 2M, 6M, and 10M
Other Local Nets – On 2M, 70CM, and 6M
HF Nets – Scheduled HF nets originating in North Carolina

What is a Net?

A "net" is simply a group of ham radio operators who get together on the air, at a regular (scheduled) time and frequency. Nets are sort of like meetings that take place on the radio.

They can be formal, with agendas and specific procedures to be followed (traffic nets and public service nets for example), or they can be informal like many local area nets where hams just get together to talk — frequently called Rag Chew Nets. There are also special interest nets for such topics as specific brands of radios or specific facets of radio (like trader nets or short wave listeners nets).

Most nets have a Net Control Station (NCS) who directs the net, meaning that the NCS keeps track of the participants who "check-in" and lets them know when it is their turn to speak.

RARS encourages, sponsors, and supports many types of amateur radio nets. We believe that nets are an integral part of the hobby.

RARS Net Schedule

RARS provides support and/or sponsors the following nets. Participation in all these nets is open to all appropriately licensed Radio Amateurs.

WhenTime (Local)Net NameFrequency
Net Control Operator
Mondays 8:00 pm RARS 2-Meter Net 146.64 -0.6 Bob WX4MMM
8:30 pm RARS 6-Meter Sideband Net 50.200 USB Chuck K4RGN
Tuesdays 8:00 pm RARS 2-Meter Net 146.64 -0.6 Peri KG4IVD
Wednesdays 8:00 pm RARS 2-Meter Net 146.64 -0.6 Virginia NC4VA
Last Wednesday
of Each Month
7:00 pm RARS Public Service Net 146.64 -0.6 Jeremy K2HJX
Thursdays 8:00 pm RARS 2-Meter Net 146.64 -0.6 Julie KT4JR
Fridays 8:00 pm RARS 2-Meter Net 146.64 -0.6 Joe W4TTO
Saturdays 8:00 pm RARS Tech & Traders' Net 146.64 -0.6 Alan AB4OZ
Saturday after the second Tuesday in January, April, July, and October After the RARS
Tech & Traders' Net
RARS Quarterly 10-Meter Net 28.364 Alan AB4OZ
Sundays 8:00 pm RARS 2-Meter Net 146.64 -0.6 Mike WA4BPJ
8:15 pm RARS Amateur Radio News Hour 146.64 -0.6
9:00 pm Apex ERC Net 146.64 -0.6 Rotates

RARS would like to thank all of the folks who volunteer their time to make all of these nets possible. Opportunities always exist for additional net control operators for these nets.  If you'd like additional information, or wish to become a NCO, please contact Julie Royster KT4JR, Net Manager. The RARS nets are also reflected on the main RARS home page each day.

RARS Net Details

RARS 2-Meter Net

Every evening at 8:00 pm except Saturday.
The 2-Meter Net offers an opportunity to talk about the day's events and to hear what your fellow hams are doing. Be sure to tune in periodically for announcements of local Amateur Radio activities or Public Service events. The 2-Meter Net is a directed net, and offers the opportunity for new Amateur operators to learn net skills. This net is hosted on the RARS W4DW Repeater, 146.64 MHz, -0.6 MHz Offset, No Tone.

RARS Public Service Net

The last Wednesay of each month at 7:30 pm.
The RARS Public Service consists of a five-minute training or informational session followed by a topical discussion. Hosted on the RARS W4DW repeater (146.64 MHz, -0.6 MHz, no tone), the net will conclude before the regular 8:00 nightly rag chew net on the same repeater. All stations are invited to participate.

RARS Technical and Trader's Net

Saturday evening at 8:00 pm.
This net provides a forum for Amatuer Radio technical questions. Many of the area's most experienced hams can answer your questions about what to do, not to do, or how and why something works the way it does -- or doesn't work that way! Even if you don't have a question, it's a great place to both learn and share your knowledge with others. Also a great place to brag about that new radio or antenna you just built!

In addition, the Trader's Net offers the opportunity to buy/sell amateur radio equipment. Remember the rules, though. No commercial dealers, only ham and ham-related merchandise, and no price negotiating on the air. (You can list an asking price.) This has been a great resource for new hams trying to find equipment at a reasonable price and for others to find a new home for the hardware that has been replaced but would be great for someone else.

This net is hosted on the RARS W4DW Repeater, 146.64 MHz, -0.6 MHz Offset, No Tone.

RARS Amateur Radio News Hour

Sunday Evenings at 8:15 pm.
Enjoy an hour-long broadcast of the top Amateur Radio news programs available. Be sure to stop by for the ARRL Audio Newsletter, and The Amateur Radio Newsline. Always the latest news and enforcement updates from the FCC. This net is hosted on the RARS W4DW Repeater, 146.64 MHz, -0.6 MHz Offset, No Tone.

Apex Emergency Response Communications Net

Sunday evening at 9:00 pm.
The Apex Emergency Response Communications Net meets weekly each Sunday at 9:00 p.m. on the 146.640 repeater. The purpose of the net is to assist ham radio operators in preparing to respond to emergencies, test their equipment, improve operating skills, pass traffic, and to provide those with a common interest an opportunity to meet. The Apex ERC Net provides amateur radio emergency communications for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints' disaster relief efforts. All stations are invited to participate in this net. This net is hosted on the RARS W4DW Repeater, 146.64 MHz, -0.6 MHz Offset, No Tone.

RARS 6-Meter Sideband Net

Monday evenings at 8:30 pm.
Join Chuck K4RGN on 50.200 MHz upper sideband for the RARS 6-Meter Net every Monday at 8:30 pm.

RARS Quarterly 10-Meter Net
January, April, July, October

The 10-Meter Net meets on 28.364 MHz four times each year, on the Saturday following the RARS Membership Meeting (which is the second Tuesday of each month). It will always be on or between the 12th and the 18th of the month. It usually starts sometime between 8:30 and 9:00 pm. The actual start time will be announced on the RARS 2-Meter Net, on W4DW 146.64 MHz, just prior to the 10-Meter Net.

Other Local VHF/UHF Nets

DaysTimeNet NameFrequency
Weekdays6:00 am – 7:45 amPossum Trot Net
See the Net Schedule
Daily7:30 pmSouth Wake Amateur Radio Club
2m Rag Chew Net
K4ITL 145.21 Repeater
Daily8:00 pmJohnston Amateur Radio Society
2m Rag Chew Net
AK4H 147.27 Repeater
Daily8:00 pmFranklin County Amateur Radio Club
6M Rag Chew Net
50.200 MHz
Daily9:00 pmPiedmont Coastal Traffic Net (PCTN)
146.88 Repeater
Tuesdays9:00 pmJohnston Amateur Radio Society
Prep Net
AK4H 147.27 Repeater
Tuesdays9:15 pmCentral Carolina SKYWARN net
See Here
Wednesdays7:30 pmHam Public Service Net
Carolina UHF Link System
Wednesdays8:00 pmFranklin County Amateur Radio Club
2M Rag Chew Net
147.315 Repeater
Wednesdays9:00 pmJohnston Amateur Radio Society
Traders Net
AK4H 147.27 Repeater
7:00 pmEast Coast Amateur Radio
Emergency and Info Net
Carolina UHF Link System
Thursdays7:00 pmNC Packet Voice Net 442.150 MHz +5.0 MHz
CTCSS 131.8 Hz
Thursdays7:30 pmWake County AuxComm Net
146.88 Repeater
Thursdays8:30 pmCentral Carolina D-Star Net
442.5375 MHz
7:00 pmJohnston County ARES
Monthly Training Net
AK4H 147.27 Repeater
FridaysNoonNC Packet Voice Net W4RNC Repeater
444.525 MHz + 5.0 MHz
CTCSS 82.5 Hz
Saturdays8:00 amFranklin County Amateur Radio Club
6M Rag Chew Net
50.200 MHz
Saturdays9:30 amOCRA AuxComm Training Net 442.150 MHz +5.0 MHz
CTCSS 131.8 Hz
Saturdays7:00 pmVOIP Hurricane Net
146.775 Repeater

North Carolina HF NETS

North Carolina Traffic Nets
Part of the ARRL National Traffic System

  • NC Morning Phone Net - Daily at 7:45 am on 3.927 MHz
  • NC Evening Phone Net - Nightly at 6:30 pm on 3.923 MHz
  • Carolinas Early CW Net - Nightly at 7:00 pm on 3.573 MHz
  • Carolinas Slow CW Net - Nightly at 8:00 pm on 3.571 MHz
  • Carolinas Late CW Net - Nightly at 10:00 pm on 3.573 MHz

Other North Carolina HF Nets
Dick Bitner Benevolent Fund
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