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The items below were listed within the last 30 days.

LDG Z-100PLUS Tuner for IC-705
Posted July 18th, 2024       by: KS4PE
Works with most any HF radio, but includes cables for the IC-705:
- LDG Z-100PLUS tuner
- 8 Heavy Duty AA Batteries
- Icom IC-705 Interface Cable
- BNC to PL-259 Coax Cable

It's been a while since I've used any antennas in the field needing this, so I'm putting this up for sale.

For Sale
Posted July 17th, 2024       by: KJ4WD
• DXE Tigertronics Signalink USB unit w/sound card $60.00
• Balun – 1:1 High Power for antenna tuner $114.95
• Palstar AT2K Antenna Tuner $360.00
• Rigol DS1102E 100 Mhz 2-Channel Digital Oscilloscope $225.00
• Siglent SDG805 5 Mhz Signal $115.00
• Hiland M12864 Transistor/Component Tester $15.00
• SDRPlay Model RSP $70.00
• IMD Meter by kk7uq $60.00
• L/C Meter IIB $50.00
• Extech Resistance Decade Box $45.00
• MFJ-259B HF-VHF Analyzer w/Res MTR $170.00
• Kenwood TS-590S w/Astron Power Supply $825.00
• Heathkit Tube Checker IT-17 $45.00
• Astatic D-104 $40.00
• MFJ VersaLoad MFJ-250 $40.00

This equipment will also be available for sale at the Cary Amateur Radio Club SwapFest on Saturday, July 20, 2024 at Cary's Ritter Park, 301 W Lochmere Drive, Cary, NC.

For Sale CHA Loop 3-0 Aluminum Radiators
Posted July 17th, 2024       by: W4BMX
For Sale,

Chameleon Antenna CHA F-Loop3.0 Two Section Aluminum Radiator 10-40M with 7" Coupling Loop $150

Can text pictures.


919 961-1813

Three Cavity Bandpass Filter
Posted July 12th, 2024       by: N2XZF
Three cavity band-pass filter currently tuned for approx 73Mhz.
It can possibly be cut down to tune into 2 meters.

It is listed on EvilBay, and details can be found there.

FREE Heathkit Assembled AD-27 Compact Stereo Console, working.
Posted July 12th, 2024       by: N4TL
Includes Heathkit AR-14 Stereo Tuner Amplifier and BSR McDonald 500A turntable. AG4EW gave it to me. I powered it up with a variac and the tuner and amp works. I cleaned it so the green in the picture is not there. I also put wax on the wood sliding cover, so it moves easily. I found instructions on the internet on how to get a BSR turntable working. Most of it worked. The automatic feeder does not work very well but using it manually, it does. It probably needs a new stylus. It does have a piece of plastic broken off the power switch (included, see photos). Includes downloaded manual, schematic, & info. The on off switch can be moved with a small screwdriver. Speakers are not included. You can pick up speakers at thrift shops.

73 Tom N4TL

Yeasu FT-450D HF + 6 meters
Posted July 10th, 2024       by: AD4GX
Yaesu FT-450D. HF+6 Meters 100watt Transceiver Like new condition. Original Mic and power cord with in line fuses. Asking $600 (Note) I have a couple of pictures to send to you if interested!

Posted July 9th, 2024       by: K4CBW

Posted July 7th, 2024       by: W4MGT

Clegg 99'er - 6 Meter AM Transceiver
Posted July 1st, 2024       by: K4HF
The Clegg 99'er runs 8 Watts input and the frequency is crystal controlled. Three crystals are included. The power supply is built in and the mike and manual are included. Tested and working, very good condition. $30.

Contact me by e mail, preferred, or (919) 630-9358. Thanks, Chuck

FS: Icom IC-7300 HF rig w/ accessories
Posted July 1st, 2024       by: K4CBW
Clean Icom IC-7300 HF radio for sale, shack-kept, no smoke or pets. Comes with standard accessories (mic, power cord), original box, optional carry handle, nylon dust cover, and SOTABeams Click2Tune, foot switch, and foot switch/headphone/mic adapter. Pickup in Raleigh. $800

Can demo at a RARS Gathering (contact me in advance).

Pictured on my QRZ page:

Posted June 29th, 2024       by: KQ4ICK

Forsale President Lincoln 10 mtr/SOLD
Posted June 28th, 2024       by: WZ0Q
President lincoln 10 meter radio.

≈=======SOLD =============

Ten Tec Omni VI+ entire station
Posted June 27th, 2024       by: N4GEB
Ten Tec Omni VI with option 3
Matching power supply/speaker, antenna tuner, desk mic, and external VFO encoder
Also the following crystal filters
1.8Khz, 500 hz 250hz and a 9Mhz
All the equipment is working well, one exception is the power out is 80 watts

Price 800 or make an offer

If you are coming from out of town, please contact me.
I am willing to meet you if you live near Raleigh/Clayton area.


For Sale
Posted June 25th, 2024       by: W4BMX
1.) Astron VS-35M Power Supply - $200 * Price Drop $125

2.) MFJ 949E Deluxe Versa Tuner II - $200 * Price Drop $125

3.) Motorola 7550e UHF HT with Antenna, Charger, Impress Battery and belt clip included - $400 * Will include Motorola Hand Mic as well.

4.) Goal Zero Yeti 1400 with Boulder 200w Solar Panels - $1200 * Price Drop $1000

Can text pictures.



(919) 961-1813

Kenwood MB-430 New in box
Posted June 22nd, 2024       by: KA2FWC
I found a new bracket I bought for my TS-440 in the garage. I don't plan on using it and figured maybe someone need one. It fits the TS 430, 440, 450, 690 plus some others
Asking $75 for it

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