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RARS License Classes and License Exams
For dates, location, or other information about the classes contact the RARS Education Director.
For dates, location, or other information about exam sessions contact the RARS VE Chairperson.

No in person classes are currently scheduled.

We hope to resume in person classes soon. Our classes will be offered as part of the Wake County Public School System’s Life Long Learning Program. Please keep an eye on this webpage and the RARS newsletter The Exciter for details.

Until then, online classes may be found in many places. One such place is:

Here is a link to the you tube recordings of his earlier classes.

RARS is not affiliated with KB6NU and does not officially endorse any offerings from KB6NU. However we believe them to be high quality and a good resource for people seeking an online ham radio class.

RARS conducts Amateur Radio License classes several times each year. The RARS Education Director plans classes aimed at the Technician, General, and Extra class license. Several RARS members volunteer to teach class segments in areas of their own special interest.  Typically there is one class per week for several weeks with an exam session at the end of the last class. Upcoming classes are announced on the front page of the RARS Website.

RARS Amateur Radio License classes are now being recorded.
As new sessions become available they will be posted here for viewing.

March 3, 2018   -   Technician Class Day 1
Electrical Units, Frequency & Waveleanghts, Modulations, Basic Radio Equipment, Electricity, Components, & Circuits

March 10, 2018   -   Technician Class Day 2
Reactance, Components, & Schematics, Propagation, Antennas, Feedlines

March 17, 2018   -   Technician Class Day 3

March 24, 2018   -   Technician Class Day 4

  • You must obtain your FCC Registration Number (FRN) BEFORE
    applying for your license.

  • You MUST provide your FCC Registration Number to the exam team before taking any license exam.

  • The FCC has provided a CORES Registration Video describing the process of registering with the FCC and obtaining your FRN HERE
    HINT: Make this YouTube video full screen when it starts.

  • You must provide your Email Address on your license application.
Some changes are being made in the current quarterly exam process.
  • The RARS Volunteer Exam Team is transitioning to the Laurel VEC.
  • Advance registration will be required.
  • There will be no cost to take the exams.
  • Exams will be conducted at 7:00 PM on the 4th Tuesday of February, May, August, and November at the “RARS Gathering” events. Previously it had been at the 2nd Tuesday meetings.
  • After receipt and processing of each session's results, the FCC will send further instructions via email to successful applicants. Applicants upgrading will have their status reflected immediately in the FCC database. For applicants who receive a new license, the email will contain instructions on how to pay the $35 fee on-line. Note the applicant has 10 days to pay this fee or the application is dismissed. The RARS VE team does not collect the $35 fee.

The RARS Volunteer Examiners are accredited through the Laurel VEC.  Current plans are to conduct exams quarterly before RARS Hands-on Gathers on the 4th Tuesday in February, May, August, and November.
  • Exams are conducted in Room 209 (near Fellowship Hall) at the Ridge Road Baptist Church.
  • Exams begin at 7:00 PM.
  • Preregistration is required. Contact Joe White, to register. During the pre-registration process, we will verify that all required information is present, such as FRN, email, and phone number.
You MUST bring the following in order to take exams:
  • A picture ID
  • Any CSCEs to be used for credit toward upgrades
Walk-ins: In the future, walk-ins may be accepted, but initially we require pre-registration to make sure we don't have more applicants than we can accommodate and that all applicants have everything that is required to take the test.

The team also conducts exams at other times in and around the Raleigh area including:
  • At the conclusion of RARS Amateur Radio License Classes.
  • At several area hamfests including RARSfest
  • At other locations when requested.
Here are some other exam locations in the surrounding area:
Dick Bitner Benevolent Fund
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