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2020 Officers, Board Members
and other important contacts

President John Honeycutt N8ZU  
Vice President Tom Lewis N4TL 919-870-9342
Treasurer Greg Seamster KE4PAX 919-795-8388
Secretary Mark Kilmer KM4JRH  
Board Members
Public Service Director Jeremy Lindsley KB4JDL  
Public Information Officer Tara Goodwin W4TSW  
Education Director Carl Davis W8WZ  
Field Day Chair Bob Starkenburg W4TTX 919-870-8967
FM Repeater Chair Chuck DeCourt W3WZN
RARSFest Chair Tara Goodwin W4TSW  
Exciter Editor Tom Lewis N4TL 919-870-9342
W4DW/W4RNC Trustee Jeff Wittich AC4ZO 919-362-4787
Net Manager Virginia Enzor NC4VA  
At-Large Director Alan Pitegoff AB4OZ  
At-Large Director Tadd Torborg KA2DEW
At-Large Director Ken Latchum, AD4GX 434-251-1207
ARRL Liaison Chuck Littlewood K4HF 919-872-6555
Past President Carl Davis W8WZ  
Committee Chairmen
Joe White WA4GIR 919-387-9152
Liz White KO4CK 919-387-9152
NC QSO Party Chair Marty Young W4MY 910-304-7739
Food Service Chair Richard Kroeger N1FUA 919-623-5498
RARS Webmaster Hank Montgomery K4HM 919-818-7455
Homebrew SIG KB4TKQ 919-577-9103
Scanner/SWL SIG AE4FG 919-791-7760

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