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You can use this online form to renew your RARS membership. Once you fill out the requested information, your membership fee will be automatically calculated and you will receive an email summarizing your membership information. You can then pay online using your credit card via the secure PayPal online payment system. Using PayPal is free for you and only takes a few moments to get started. PayPal is completely secure using the secure hypertext transfer protocol (https). If you have any questions, please contact the RARS Treasurer or RARS Webmaster.

PayPal provides reasonable assurance that your e-mail address will not be used or sold for marketing and promotion (SPAM). RARS provides its members with a roster that includes address, telephone and e-mail information, but does not sell or give away that information except to ARES, SKYWARN or Public Service coordinators if you choose that option on the membership form. You can also read the PayPal Privacy Policy or PayPal Security Information.

Verify your membership data by accessing your Member Profile via the Members Only page.

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Section II: Family members living in the same household are entitled to all the privileges of a full member for $5.00 per year. List additional family members that will be joining with you.:
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The membership year is July 1 to June 30.

Member CategoryDues
Regular (Licensed)$18/year
Reduced 16<>60 (Licensed)$12/year
Associate (Not Licensed)$9/year
Family (each additional member)$5/year

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