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The 46th Annual RARSfest and
ARRL NC State Convention will be on March 31, 2018
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Sunday March 18, 2018 (day 77/2018)

6:00 PM: New Ham / Elmer meeting.
7:00 PM: General Social/Gathering.
7:30 PM: Business meeting and program.

Welcome to our newest RARS members
KX4IZ Arthur Barker Jr. KN4KBB Anthony Swigert ROBRS Ron Brobst Sr.
NE4Y Kenn Kubacki W3GP George Pappayliou ROBR Ron Brobst Jr.

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    Did You Know?   The Wouff Hong
       (From The ARRL Letter - October 15, 2009)

The Wouff Hong - a "fearsome instrument for the punishment of amateurs who cultivate bad operating habits."

Every amateur should know and tremble at the history and origins of this fearsome instrument for the punishment of amateurs who cultivate bad operating habits and who nourish and culture their meaner instincts on the air. The Wouff Hong was invented -- or at any rate, discovered -- by "The Old Man" himself, just as amateurs were getting back on the air after World War I. The Old Man (who later turned out to be Hiram Percy Maxim, W1AW, co-founder and first President of ARRL) first heard the Wouff Hong described amid the howls and garble of interference as he tuned across a band filled with signals that exemplified all the rotten operating practices then available to amateurs (considering the state of the art as they knew it). As The Old Man heard it, the Wouff Hong was being used on some hapless offender so effectively that he investigated. After further effort, "T.O.M." was able to locate and identify a Wouff Hong. The Old Man never prescribed the exact manner in which the Wouff Hong was to be used, but amateurs need only a little imagination to surmise how painful punishments were inflicted on those who stoop to liddish behavior on the air. The Original Wouff Hong is on display at ARRL Headquarters. Find out more about this dreaded instrument of torture here.

Webmasters Note: Links in the original text from ARRL no longer work. They have been corrected here.

Wouff Hong Initiation Ceremony to be held at the RARSfest site on March 30th. [INFO]

Build A Multi-Band Off-Center Fed Dipole For Your Attic
Article by Daniel Marks, KW4TI
This antenna is a 20 to 25 foot long (6.0 m to 7.6 m) off-center fed dipole antenna for the 20 m and 40 m bands designed for those who need to conceal an antenna. It is small enough to fit inside the attic of many homes. It can also be set up as  ......<more>

FCC OPENS 630- and 2200-Meter BANDS
Stations MUST send notification to UTC at least 30 days before transmitting.
Notice must include call sign, intended bands of operation
and FIXED ANTENA LOCATIOIN before tranmitting.
ULS and QRZ pages show your mailing address, not your FIXED antenna location.
"Drop a Pin" on your antenna location in Google Maps to see GPS coordinates.

See complete information at this ARRL page.

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Your RARS Shirts can be ordered from Supreme T-Shirts and Apparel in Garner.
An order form is available on the RARS Members Only page.
Questions should be referred to Murray Merner, K4MHM.

RARS Brochure now available
RARS Public Information Officer Charles Good, KM4AMT, has developed an informational brochure for RARS. All RARS Members are encouraged to download the brochure and use it to promote RARS to their fellow Hams at hamfests or other locations where Ham Radio Operators are in attendance.
View Brochure in browser Download Brochure

RARS and Scouting
Amateur radio has been a part of Scouting since 1918. RARS is working to develop contacts within the local Scouting community to foster and promote education, technical awareness, and achievement in Amateur Radio. If you are interested in helping the local Scouting youth programs, visit our Scouting page...

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