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The 2017 Log Deadline has passed as of 3/20/2017. Any logs submitted will be considered Checklogs.


New!  Improved!  No more editing your Cabrillo!

N1MM, N1MM+ and N3FJP loggers:  Don't be concerned if your version does not include the current bonus stations. We don't use the claimed scores in their software. The robot and our log checkers take care of that.

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Logs Received

The following logs have been received:

Paper log forms

For paper log submission, please use as many Log sheets as necessary. Refer to the 2014 Sample Log for reference on how to fill out the log. Please include this summary sheet with your entry.

Mail paper logs to: NC QSO Party, c/o Charles Swindell WB4DCM10809 Rondeau Woods Ct., Raleigh, NC 27614

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