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The first running of the NC QSO Party was sponsored by RARS in 1970.  Thanks to Bill K4CIA for finding this article from the club newsletter announcing the original NCQP.

Since that time the contest has been run by the Alamance ARC and the Forsyth ARC, and in 2013 returned to the Raleigh ARS.  

Meet the Contest Committee


Marty Young, W4MY, NCQP Committee Chairman

I was first licensed as WN4OAR in 1976 as a teenager. Radio has always been very important to me. My parents thought I would outgrow it - HI. My first NC QSO Party entry was in 2004.  I work CW mostly, but enjoy SSB and digital on HF. Active in local radio club politics, Field Day, public service, QRP with the KnightLites, contesting and just having fun with ham radio. My other hobbies include camping and riding motorcycles with my lovely and gracious wife Kimberly. You can bet there's a radio in with that as well ! Yes, motorcycle-mobile, albeit VHF plus a Ten Tec Eagle HF rig in the teardrop camper.

Still working full time as a metrology technologist for a major pharmaceutical company. So taking on chairmanship of the NCQP presents a big challenge, but one for which I am privileged and honored to be a part. I believe in the strength of the top notch team we have assembled. Together, our goal is to bring the NC QSO Party into the top tier of all state QSO parties. One and all are welcome to participate and compete for an award. Mostly, however, it's all about having fun in this grand hobby of ours. See you in the pileups !

Marty, W4MY


Joanne Mars, AK4RJ, Clubs Manager

Licensed since February, 2011, my interests in the hobby have been nets, hamfests, NTS, learning CW and Field Day.

The 2013 NCQP was the first contest I participated in.  It was so much fun, I then tried Rookie Roundup and had a great time (she won- Ed.) Between the two, I'm now hooked on contesting.

My responsibility for NCQP will be to help coordinate club activities throughout the state.  I look forward to working you during the contest.

Joanne, AK4RJ


Andy Peterson, AA9P, "IT Guy"

Like Marty, I was first licensed in my teenage years, though for me that was in 1992 as N9NTI.  I have enjoyed doing local club work, public service, VHF packet radio and the like.  I was introduced to contesting at Field Day, the the packet operation happened to share a camper with a world class phone Op on 20 meters.  He looked like he was having a TON of fun, and I was hooked too.

I still enjoy working Field Day every year with RARS, as well as dabbling in contests as time allows from my little-pistol station in Cary.  Sweepstakes remains one of my favorite events along with NAQP and NCQP.

My day job has me creating IT tools and demonstrating communications technology.  I'm looking forward to putting some tools in place to help the NCQP run smoothly without a ton of manual effort.

Andy, AA9P


Bill Turner, W4WNT, Member at Large / West

First licensed in 1972 in New Jersey, my first ham activities were in CW, SSB and VHF packet.  Going from Novice to Advanced in 1984, most of my activity was phone operation.  My job moved the family to Charlotte in 1990, where I became active in the Mecklenburg ARS and later the Carolina DX Association.  Learning from the contesters in CDXA, I began to operate in the ARRL and CQ VHF contests, DX contests and the NC QSO Party.  In the HF area, I've added 5 Band DXCC to the wall decorations.

My HF activities have primarily been low power and wire antennas, recently adding digital modes PSK and JT9 to the mix.  When the MARS VE team decided to include all extra class members, I worked lots of CW contests and passed the 20 WPM CW exam (still needed at the time), and then got my current call W4WNT.  Other activities have included Field Day, public service events, and operating a couple of times as a member of the AA4ZZ VHF contest team on the mountain in Boone, NC.  At the other end of the state was an operation in the July, 2008 VHF contest as part of the N4BX team from rare gridsquare FM13 in Southport, NC.

In the NC QSO Party, I've operated mobile on the east coast of NC, as part of a club entry from Brunswick County, and from home in Union County.  As an At Large member of the committee, I hope to contribute to developing the NC QSO Party for the future.

Bill, W4WNT


Alan Knight, AA4FU, Log Analyst

I was first licensed in 1978 as WD4PZN after my 5th grade science teacher setup a shortwave station in the classroom.  Early on I settled on DXing, Award hunting and Contesting as the activities that I found most enjoyable.  I was very popular among county hunters during my high school years, as I was one of only six hams at that time in Clay County, Alabama, and the only one active on HF.  In the summer before college, I upgraded to Extra and received my current callsign, AA4FU. 

I stayed somewhat active during college, but after graduating and moving to North Carolina, I was off the air for about 14 years.  In 2003, I decided to get back on the air and have been active ever since.  I'm primarily a CW operator, but occasionally operate SSB or RTTY.  Most of the time I operate from my small station in Cary with 100 Watts into a vertical or inverted-vee.  However, for the bigger DX contests, I'm often one of the operators at NY4A.  I'm active in the Potomac Valley Radio Club, where I handle the PVRC 5M Award program. 

Outside of radio, I enjoy astronomy, movies, music and genealogy.  My real job is as an electromagnetic compatibility engineer with IBM where I test IBM's high end servers and mainframes to ensure they meet the worldwide EMC regulations.

Alan, AA4FU

Alan AA4FU


Charles Swindell, WB4DCM, At-Large Member, East

First licensed in 1958 as KN4TTA. Soon thereafter, I obtained my driver license and got interested in girls. Quite frankly, I should have stuck with ham radio.

After graduating from college, serving my time in the military, and working for a corporation in Martinsville, VA, Richmond, VA, and Columbia, SC, I wound up back in Raleigh. Got my second Novice ticket in 1973, WN4DCM. Upgraded to Advanced in 1974 and remained there until I upgraded to Extra after retirement in 2004. In 1976 got the bicentennial WAS and then did WAS again after retirement in all CW.

I have been a member of RARS for many years and served as editor of the newsletter from 1975 to 1977 and as secretary for a LONG time. I'm looking forward to being a part of the NCQP Committee.

Charles A. Swindell, WB4DCM


Dwayne Ayers, N4MIO, Awards Manager
First licensed in 1983 as KB4GDV. Soon after obtaining my novice license field day rolled around, the old timers of the Alamance ARC coerced myself and another new novice into operating the 40 meter CW station...Wow, what a trip! I have been in love with CW ever since. 

Glad to be serving as Awards Mananger again for the NCQP.

My newest passion is motorcycle riding, in August of 2015 I bought my first bike. I have been enjoying the wind in my face and saving a ton of gas money!

73, Dwayne N4MIO

Dwayne N4MIO


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