North Carolina QSO Party

February 28, 2016 - 1000 EST to 2000 EST

Sponsored by the Raleigh Amateur Radio Society

2015 Results are now live - Congratulations to all the winners!

Update 4/1/2015:  Soapbox posted on Results page.

A message from Marty, W4MY:

I’ve reviewed the results spreadsheet and just read Marc’s writeup. I can honestly say I’m humbled by the entire thing. I was one of the NC4QP ops handing out bonus points along with other members of the committee. Early that Sunday afternoon I was done with my shift and tuned around the phone section of 40M. As I turned the dial slowly up the band I heard a solid string of NCQP QSOs in progress, almost all the way to the top of the band. I was struck with the thought, “Wow, this is really something!”

And something it is! It continues to grow. The feedback I’m getting is that fun was involved in every report. That’s what it’s all about. It’s fun making Q’s. And there were plenty out there to be made. I’m VERY happy to see digital taking off! On the other hand, weather wasn’t so great for mobiles, not as many this year. I’m going to make a concerted effort for 2016 to woo some more mobiles for our event.

Boy, wasn’t the club competition a nail biter? Great stuff! I personally love to see strong and friendly club competition. We're starting to see repeats of the winners, and that’s great, but I’m calling out the other clubs to ratchet it up and knock these guys off the hill!

I know I shouldn’t single any committee member out, as each member has been and is a major contributor to the great successes we’re seeing. We called out Andy last year for the development of LogBot (our 7th honorary member.) I’m sending a special shout out this year to Marc, W4MPS. He just flat out puts out the work. As our new log manager, he has taken the excellent log structure put in place by Paul, AA4XX, and brought it to a new level. Marc, please accept my heartfelt thanks.

Speaking of Paul, I’m sad to report that he has submitted, and I have accepted, his resignation from the NCQP committee. He has many irons in the fire right now preventing him from continuing, but I expect to see him a staunch supporter of NCQP going forward. And warning goes out to the QRPers, Paul’s score is going to count next year! Hi!

As I’ve already mentioned, Marc has taken on Log Manager responsibilities and passed over the Awards duties to Dwayne, N4MIO. When I asked Dwayne a while back if he would take on the awards job his answer was simply, “sure, whatever you need me to do for NCQP” That says it all about Dwayne’s passion and dedication to NCQP.

New to the NCQP committee for 2016 is Charles Swindell, WB4DCM. Charles is a long time active supporter of RARS and is a welcome addition as At-Large member representing Eastern NC. You will be hearing more from him in the future. Welcome aboard Charles!

Now, on to the results. Enjoy the read, I did. Spend some time looking over the results spreadsheet and look for familiar calls to see how they did. Maybe send them a note to congratulate them.
Marty, W4MY Chairman


Quick Start Guide

See the Rules page for full details.

Stations in NC contact as many other stations as possible.
Stations outside NC contact as many NC stations as possible. 

Bonuses for working SURry, PERson counties; W4DW, K4CIA, NI4BK, and NC4QP.

County abbreviation list here.

Work out-of-state contacts one time per band and mode.  Work in-state contacts once per county, band and mode. (You may work a station on 20CW and again on 40CW, for example.)

Club, Expedition and Mobile operations are allowed (and encouraged!).  There is a separate class for QRP; all stations must use low power (<150W).

2015 Rules and Changes

The committe has met and effected a few changes, but all-in-all, things have been going pretty smoothly and we didn't want to mess it up! The biggest news is Surry and Person are the bonus counties this year. And for those going to Surry, be sure to say hey to Aunt Bea and Andy for us.

Looking forward to hearing everyone on!  de Marty / W4MY  NCQP Chairman

2014 Results and Stats

Full results are posted on the Results page.  Thanks again to everyone for making the 2014 NCQP a fantastic event!

UPDATE 3/19:  Soapbox is now posted as well.  Thanks for all the comments!

UPDATE 4/25:  Statistics, including county-by-county stats are also posted.

Overview Videos

3 videos have been posted documenting Marty Young's (W4MY) terrific overview presentation of the NCQP to the South Wake Amateur Radio Club.  This very informative presentation can be viewed in 3 parts at the following links:

NC QSO Party Presentation - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

NC QSO Party on Facebook

That's right, the QSO Party now has a Facebook page.  We'd love to see pictures or accounts of your 2013 operation and 2014 plans.  Check us out here.

K4CIA Bonus

Check out our NCQP YouTube interview with Bill McDowell, K4CIA.  Bill was the first winner of the NC QSO Party back in 1970 during its inaugural running.  In recognition of that, some 45 years later, K4CIA will be a Bonus Station during our next event on March 1, 2015.  He's still going strong.  You can see that interview here:

K4CIA Interview

Battleship North Carolina

One of our perennial bonus stations is NI4BK.  Ever wonder what it's like to operate from the Battleship North Carolina?  Here's a link you might enjoy:

Operating from Battleship North Carolina NI4BK

NCQP Mailing List

For the latest updates on the contest, as well as discussions of upcoming operations, go to  You may also join via email.  Just send a message to to be added to the list.

Logging Software

Most current logging software has at least a generic "QSO Party" mode.  Check out our list of logging programs we know support NCQP.  Also, in order to facilitate log checking, please use the NC County and Multiplier list in your logs.  Most counties use the first three letters of the county name, but there are some which overlap.



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