North Carolina QSO Party

February 26, 2017 - 1000 EST to 2000 EST

Sponsored by the Raleigh Amateur Radio Society

Enjoy The Carolina Weekend Again!

  • A whole weekend of Carolina fun for State QSO Party fans!  Work counties for both parties and be eligible for one of two fabulous BBQ dinners one for "In-Carolina" participants and one for "Out-of-Carolina"  participants. The Carolina Weekend synergy was well received in 2016 so make plans to participate in BOTH! <Click here for details of the NCQP BBQ Award>
  • While we're on the subject of making plans, you can report your intent to operate via the email reflector, facebook (details below), or on the County Activity web page.


Quick Start Guide

  • Stations in NC contact as many other stations as possible.
  • Stations outside NC contact as many NC stations as possible. 
  • Bonuses for working W1VOA, NI4BK, W4DW, NC4QP, anyone in Graham or Anson County.

             County abbreviation list here.

  • NC stations work out-of-state contacts one time per band and mode.  Others outside of NC work in-state contacts once per county, band and mode. (You may work a station on 20CW and again on 40CW, for example.)
  • Club, Expedition and Mobile operations are allowed (and encouraged!).  There are separate categories for QRP, Low, and HIgh power.

2017 Changes

The committe has met and effected a few changes, but all-in-all, things have been going pretty smoothly and we didn't want to mess it up!

  • The biggest news is Graham and Anson are the bonus counties this year.
  • The Club category automatically allows multiple transmitters on the air at the same time.
  • We have a new bonus station, NC4QP, stay tuned for details on operation(s).

Check out the details in the rules.  Looking forward to hearing everyone on! 

2016 Results and Stats

  • Full results are posted on the Results page.  Thanks again to everyone for making the 2016 NCQP a fantastic event!

Overview Videos

  • 3 videos have been posted documenting Marty Young's (W4MY) terrific overview presentation of the NCQP to the South Wake Amateur Radio Club.  This very informative presentation can be viewed in 3 parts at the following links:

NC QSO Party Presentation - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

NC QSO Party on Facebook and Twitter

  • That's right, the QSO Party is now on Facebook and Twitter .  We'd love to see pictures or accounts of your prior operations and upcoming contest plans.

Battleship North Carolina

NCQP Mailing List

  • For the latest updates on the contest, as well as discussions of upcoming operations, go to  You may also join via email.  Just send a message to to be added to the list.

Logging Software

  • Most current logging software has at least a generic "QSO Party" mode.  Check out our list of logging programs we know support NCQP.  Also, in order to facilitate log checking, please use the NC County and Multiplier list in your logs.  Most counties use the first three letters of the county name, but there are some which overlap.



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